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I dont know if im ever going to get caught up or not, but thought I would post a few from Medic contracts. This first one was for the Ride To Cure Cancer, the riders rode from Canada to Washington. state.

Medic wise we saw lots of the stuff youd expect, did also see some pretty bad road rash, dislocated knee, concussion, a kid who bit all the way through his lower lip, almost removing it. It was a fun event to work, the base camp is massive and completely catered. Including massage tents and masseuses. They raise a lot of money and have a lot of fun. All the riders were insanely nice, and polite. They used A5-35 for everything. its like an icy hot with lidocane, so the area applies goes numb. Its actually not allowed in the US as the lidocane content is higher then our FDA allows. IMG-20160827-00201.jpg IMG-20160827-00203.jpg Mount Vernon-20160826-00200.jpg
This series was for a Spartan Race- Its an obstacle adventure race. with varying lengths each day.

This was up in Snohomish Washington, April 13th. I was there for three days. It was cold, rainy and overcast the entire weekend. They ran about 5000 people a day through, a lot of no shows though. We were overflowing with hypothermia patients steadily. I will say, Spartan does not mess around with their Medics, they staff heavy, and well trained equipped medics. The tent was even heated.

We saw roughy 500 patients in 3 days, pretty good considering. A few breaks, one broken ankle, another girl who dislocated her hip, and shatterted her knee. ( she had had knee surgery only a few weeeks ago, and honestly should not of done the race).

I have another coming up in September.

This is Base camp Sparta at dark, my first was a grave shift with another medic. A sparse contrast to the days activities. IMG_20180414_0312092.jpg IMG_20180414_0312187.jpg IMG_20180414_0312400.jpg IMG_20180414_0312498.jpg IMG_20180414_0316358.jpg IMG_20180414_0316464.jpg
I dont have many pictures of the obstacles, this hill_ was the starting line. The swinging rings, was the finish. This is not an easy race by all means, and is considered one of the toughest in the " adventure race" market. And for good reason.

IMG_20180415_1210584.jpg IMG_20180415_1404301.jpg
Last weekend I took a friend and her daughter to the aquarium in Newport Oregon, spent a few quick days on the coast and back up the 101. It was really nice to have some company for once, and to see the magic of the world as seen from the eyes of a nine year old. Her outtake on everything was hilarious and refreshing, she played run from the waves for hours. She had never seen the ocean before, we all had a blast.

Left Friday night, later than i wanted: but i was not on girl time after all so.. We only drove a few hours in, made it to Hood River,

( )

stopped for some dinner at Cousins. I had been up since 3 am and was ready to crash, we had a boring night " camped" in the walmart parking lot. Much to the delight of the girls, who thought it was great. They closed at midnight, and they needed some supplies from there in the morning anyway.

I was originally going to camp at some of the Core of Engineers boondocking spots between the freeway and the river, they have some cool free ones, but they were all packed. My next idea was ( although its frowned upon, low key camp at little Stonehenge, but did not want to backtrack.

( )

Its a favorite of mine, your not supposed to sleep there, but its a big lot, and we used to take youth groups there all the time for star gazing and never had trouble. Just make good choices.

The next morning, again was slow ( Remember now on Girl Time)- I was up at 5:30 like every morning the past 15+yrs. I went into the store to get a few extra folding chairs and tank treatment, I even tried to get the required make up remover.....i failed and got the wrong stuff apparently.

With only three hours to go the remaining drive was fun and entertaining.

We got into Newport starving and had some great chowder, fish and chips, halibut burger.....and corn dog. Other than being packed and slow, they were great I would go again.

( )

Aqiarium 4.jpg Aquarium 1.jpg Aquarium 2.jpg Aquarium 3.jpg aquarium 5.jpg Aquarium 6.jpg Aquarium 7.jpg Aqwuarium 8.jpg Newport 1.jpg Newport 2.jpg
After a hour or so at the aquarium it was shopping time, the girls wanted sweaters, and some wandering around Newport was in order. Found a really awesome play ground, some sweaters and some beer and more fish and chips! Some more time on the beach for pictures, and exploring! It was also, packed and windy.

The aquarium was cool, spendy and packed though. 22/piece for adults. Give yourself plenty of time, and be ready to be patient with people, and crowds. Its also worth planing it to attend all the keeper talks, and feeding that are included with normal admission.

Killed a few hours like that, went back up to the camper we had found an awesome spot to park it right along the beach park, and played some games of dice while waiting for the wind to die down( it never did)..the girls tried to teach me not great.. I was surprised at how many people stopped and stared at the truck and camper! I forgot, all the stickers of where its been, they were reading them. Turns out people really do!

The sun was going down, and we decided not to risk just camping there.....although there were not any signs that said not to, and it was a quiet street where we weren't even blocking any views. I decided we would do something i never do, and get a pot at a park. in this case South BEach State Park. IT WAS INSANE< PACKED, PPL everywhere. But nice facilities, staff, spots and another play ground. And it was late again after we had some more good food.!8m2!3d44.6070975!4d-124.0620087

However the EMPTY beach in the morning was worth it, turns out all those people were to lazy to do the 1/2 mile hike to it, Spent about 3 hours there just playing, taking picture and having a blast. It was an earlyish morning, I must of been rubbing off on them. That also may of helped. we were there at 7am, and NO wind. Not to mention no wind in the park.

South beach 1.jpg South BEach two.jpg
We started the drive back, up 101 until about Lincon City and cut across to the gorge. Stopping o Eat at Cascade Ale House

( )

Had some good pizza, french dip and Grilled Cheese. This is also the end of the Pacific Crest Trail, so lots of backpackers.

We decided it was worth the 5 minute back track to the Bonneville fish hatchery and sturgeon center ( it was)!8m2!3d45.6332912!4d-121.9576674

b 1.jpg B 2.jpg B 3.jpg B 4.jpg B 5.jpg B 6.jpg B 7.jpg

Herman, is a 70 year old 11 foot long 500# Sturgeon. And pretty cool, he is kind of a legend around these parts.

They have a pretty good gift shop, we found a few stickers to add to the camper. And started the 2 hour drive home- Made it in time to drop the ladies off as I still had a camper to unload.

NOTE TO SELF, for future- When there is an option: always let the 9 year old pick the road snacks!

This weekend another, MEd contract beckons, B 8.jpg B 9.jpg B 10.jpg
Well another successful Sparta weekend in the books! 7500 runners and about 120 patients, lots of ankles- one broken clavicle and one who most likely fractured a disk. As always, truck and camper were flawless!

Day one was " The Beast" a 13 mile 30 obstacle race,

day two was the sprint 4 miles and 23 obstacles- Times for the Elite were 40-50mins.....

IMG_20180908_0624344.jpg IMG_20180908_0812309.jpg IMG_20180908_0812338.jpg IMG_20180908_0833593.jpg IMG_20180908_0834428.jpg IMG_20180908_0834578.jpg IMG_20180909_1132585.jpg
We had quite the team for this one-

Our Team Lead Meg- Joe( a friend a convinced to come up for the weekend) and myself

there was a bit of a pattern with this crew - Lisa would kill me, It was hard to get pictures when we weren't laughing
FB_IMG_1536605846750.jpg FB_IMG_1536678403239.jpg
I read it and enjoyed. But i just saw it today. Congrats on the new 5er, whats it weigh and how does the ol 6L like towing it?

BushCoat- Thanks!! How are you liking your truck so far?

The GAWR is under 9600#'s on it. 33 feet including the box, 29ish on the ground. The 6.0 handles it well, its taller and wider but i have pulled heavy loads with it. As long as you arent expecting good mileage, she will pass everything except a gas station- I average 10mpg when towing, bad days 8- since its a short box and only a 25 gallon tank, about 200 miles. I would like to put a bigger tank in it, but have not done it yet.
When i bought the truck, the D-Max was a 10k$ Option, and once i did the math I just was not willing to go that route. And then added expense of maintenance, oil changes, and diesel being more the gas..extra wear and tear on front end parts, etc.

Figured I can get a lot of gas for 10k.
If i were to do it all over again, id get the one ton single rear axle but still the 6.0-maybe the 8l.

Its a 2015 Open Range 318RLS, nice model, I even have a stacked washer and dryer, fireplace, etc

Square Feet 313
UVW 8220
Hitch Weight 1570
Axle Weight 6650
GAWR – All Axles 8800
Gross NCC 1775
Net NCC 1300
Exterior Length (Box) 29’10”
Exterior Length (Overall) 33’10”
Exterior Height 146”
Exterior Width 100”
Water Heater (Gal.) 6 Gas/Elect.
Fresh Water (Gal.) 50
Gray Water (Gal.) 57
Waste Water (Gal.) 31
LP Gas (Lbs.) 60
Furnace (BTUs) 34,000
Tire Size 15”