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Enjoying the write ups! Had never seen this thread.

I'd love to hear more about your time in Colombia. Having spent 9 days in Medellin I found it to be an amazing city with super friendly people. Everyone thought I was crazy for going (typical american "South America will get you killed" mindset, IMO. We ventured all around and far outside the city and not once did I feel even remotely threatened. Some military folks we met were even going to let us shoot their weapons but we were headed in opposing directions.

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Columbia was Great! The only bad thing about it, was that I was only there for a week and had to get to Bogata for my return flight. Never once did i feel unsafe, nor did my brother and sister in law. MExico the winter before, same thing. Everyone was friendly, and wanted to make sure we were safe, and well taken care of. I have learned even places where the locals may experience, violence, the expats, or tourists generally do not. That being said, like any where including the States- there are some places you should probably* stay away from. That being one of the largest misconceptions is " its not safe" thanks Media. However if you were to use the crime statistics of LA, etc to represent all of USA, it would be the same. For the most part people are people, smile, be friendly, make an effort. Dont be a Di*k, goes a long way. Medellin was impressive, the transit system and trams along were pretty awesome. I think it has 4 million people. I dont think I have one negative memory from South America....

I enjoy writing them up, but do it so fast I need an editor. haha

I need to go back and fill in Columbia on this thread, but dont know when ill make it happen. I am planning on being better for Argentina though!
You can read a partial right up here though

I have some gear starting to get in, as im at 12 days wheels up, and 13 in country.

Got my helmet, I was worried about the fit so ended up driving up to cycle gear in Portland ( about 3-4 hours on way) glad I did, picked up a jacket and ordered some pants as well. Ended up staying with the helmet, they told me to watch a movie or netflix with all the gear on until it breaks in. As weird as it sounds, and as bad as it looked they were not wrong. My neighbor may be scared of me now as he walked in with me sitting in my recliner with full gear on haha watching Buffy. ( im a 90's kid)

I am extremely new rider, ill either come back a great rider or in a box. Honestly it will be fine, but i find the joke funny. My brother came over yesterday and i took his bike for an hour or so on some of our local fun roads to get practice in. I never missed as beat, had no problem with 70, shifting, or cornering.

Still have bits of kit that should be arriving into work the next few weeks. ( rear tire, spedo cable, water filter, etc)

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And yes, I am using my retired structure fire fighting gloves- they are awesome, but due to a hole/separation of the pad i cant use them in life or death situations anymore. They worked great so far!
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Well its like Christmas getting all sorts of goodies at work, and a few weird looks. I can treat a moto tire as checked baggage right?

Now all thats left is my riding pants to arrive:


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Pants have arrived!!!

BUT, since im still working the life of a risk manager.........after $20k of product dumped on the ground. The story im being told does not quite add up to the 1000kg box being upside down..


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Is that polyethylene pellets.

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It's actually shelled seed corn, each one of those box's holds about 1000kg of seed, or close to 2kibs. They are called " soft sides" but actually have 3/4inch marine grade plyboard sandwiched between plastic canvas. Allows them to support emense weight- but can be folded flat for empty storage.

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damn, you're winning at life. Awesome
Bigbuilder, I dont know about that; Thank you though!! I am doing my best to explore, and enjoy the simple things in life whilst i am able to do so.

I am Back from Patagonia, and wow!! I will start the write up shorty I got back last weekend, after 36hours from Punta Arenas to my home in Eastern Oregon.

I will leave you with a few pictures but am planning on having the thread updated this week as we switched to 4:10's at work and the majority of my staff is off. ride.jpg47571895_10218120758599827_2762508765625319424_o.jpgkayaking.jpg

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On my last day in the office, October 31 2018.

I remember a pretty awesome calender notice coming up...

I was hoping for a quiet day, and to even leave early. I Still had 35 full time people, and 150 temps on site but the majority would have their last seasonal day Friday. Harvest was about to be done, last days are crazy anyway, even under the best of circumstances. And today, would be no different, whilst at lunch ( i had just sat down to my favorite local place) and ordered my last burger for quiet some time. My phone rings, when i see the name on my caller id, i was taken aback. It was an employee who had never called me in his 1 year working their thus far. I picked up the phone and answered in the normal fashion for a known employee, " hello ( insert employees name) how can I help you today?

The voice on the other line had an off tone to it, he said " Jordan, something happened with ( employees name). " His tone was hard to describe, i could not tell if it was him being serious, or a Halloween prank. Our maintenance dept and I are known for messing with each other.

I asked, walk me through the situation. HIs hand got crushed, and its bleeding everywhere I think he needs to go to the hospital.

I told him to put pressure on it, and head to the front of the facility, was out and heading back but would send someone to pick them up.
Small towns, so i walked up the the bar and let the owner know to put it on my tab, something came up and I had to go. I routed another manager and work truck to the employees location. Meeting them there, as they were transferring him to the truck for transport. Turns out, he did get his hand pretty good. I work closely with the local Hospital, I am embedded with the local emergency services.

Calling the charge nurse in the ER on the way ( the other manager was driving), and having the employee tell me a story about that happened the entire drive up. I let the Er know I was in bound with a PT, having a 3 inch laceration on his right hand opened to the bone with partial tendon sever. Having the employee " telling me the story" about what happened, does a few things for me. 1, it allows me to know and explain what happened, and 2, i can monitor their condition just by hearing them talk.

As you can imagine, no early day for me. After 6 hours at the hospital with the employee, and consults, and the Ortho suturing the tendons back in place, it was a late night. The employee was lucky, he is a bigger guy and has extra padding on the back of his hand. Had he been smaller, it would of severed all of his tendons. The company I work for is a extremely large worldwide multinational corporation. Safety is something that is taken extremely seriously, this location had just gone 400days injury free, and had done 765 the time prior. He has a large piece of machinery come down onto his hand, during the dismantling rebuild process, after another employee fell ontop of it. Even through his gloves, and the other employees harness an injury was caused. After something like this, i would usually have around 36 hours of investigations, paperwork, and meetings. We have 8 hours to let the CEO know. I felt bad, leaving the next day and not being able to stick around to get everything taken care of, but was able to get most things in place for the coming weeks. I got home at midnight, ( days like that salary sucks) I did still work through calls, and organization until I was in country.

The next morning, it was time to finish packing, doing laundry, and winterizeish the fifth wheel. Lucky I had most of everything packed and just had to add a few things, and make sure everything was charged. Threw all the gear in my truck, put in the slide outs, drained the water lines, turned off the water and water heater and turned the heat down to 60. I ordered a 200 gallon propane tank the week prior and had it filled and ready to go. Next step, drop the truck and dog off at mums place.

For work we leave trucks in long term parking a lot, and its about $100/week. I had a friend who came and picked me up, as i would crash on her couch so we would have one less step the following morning.

That 2:30 am wake up call, whew.........I had not slept at all the night prior, thinking about work, and the trip. Regardless I had a long 34 hours ahead of me. Grabbing a red bag ( the kind firefightgers put their gear in) it had all my moto gear, 1 new rear tire, and another 65 liter Osprey pack I headed into the air port in Pasco.

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I was a little nervous walking into the Airport, were my bags going to be overweight, Was TSA going to allow me to check a moto tire, what was I forgetting?

Awesome for me, And now the hurry up and wait game begins. Good news, all checked baggage was under weight, AND they were cool with the Moto tire. I flew from Pasco to Denver, an hour long layover. Denver to Huston, Huston- with an 8 Hour layover...

I had no carry on, just my passport, wallet, phone, tablet, sweater, charger and water bottle, battery bank Everything fit in my pockets. With an 8hour layover in Huston,i was going to leave the airport. After talking to one of the flight attendants who lived there- she said they had 2-3 hour TSA recheck time, and it would take Uber about 45mins to get into downtown. Looking back, i think she was actually hitting on me and I had zero idea until later, I should of just gone with her anyway. haha

I found some entertainment as I waited,


Not to mention i had lots of Spanish to work on, after a few drinks and some cake all was well! I knew my flight to Santiagio was a red eye, so was trying to stay up until my 22:30 flight time. What to say a bout this flight.....well it was delayed 2 hours, ( we were informed the plane needed some unexpected maintenance on the engines), and it switched terminals twice. Waiting, with my headphones in and attempting to work on Spanish, but way more interested in the conversation the girls next to me were having. We heard a shrill alarm, and flashing blue lights across the terminal, followed by a pre recorded message of " please evacuate the terminal to the nearest exit". I was pretty comfy, and a little slow moving/ to process. I did not smell any smoke or fire, a lot of people started to collect their things and evacuate. I watched the flight staff, and TSA....most with ear buds and not a one moved. The ladies next to me were getting worried and pulled the headphones out of my ear, asking why I was not leaving. I explained, if the airport staff is not worried, I wont be either.... We all had a great conversation after that, and ordered a few more drinks.

I found out my terminal was moved again, and made my way across the airport, as they seem to put it to the furtherest point away from the other locations. We were finally able to board, midnight ish. After getting settled in, We were told we had a few more unexpected delays. Shortly after, 4 well dressed gentleman in suits boarded the plane and made contact with a boisterous lady 10 rows back, she was having a Great time! She had been over served in the terminal, and was being escorted off our flight for swearing at and hitting one on out flight attendants. The flight attendant had told her no more drinks, her reply was " well eff you, ill get it myself". IT was then that the AC stopped working, after another 1/2 hour the service techs boarded and proceeded to take all of the little Ac vents apart and replaced quite a few, We eventually took off and headed on the 10 hour flight into Santiago. I was able too sleep for the most part, and the older lady sitting next to me had a great conversation. She was so excited for me, recently her husband had passed. She explained she was 70 and her and her late husband had lots of things they wanted to see. But always bought the " things" so they could do them, and never just spent the money to do them. She rented a car, in Santiago- and was out to explore!

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So, if you dont know; let me preclude this by saying. I had almost zero experience on a motorcycle, other then the two day course I took for the endorsement, and an hour on my brother Honda cb500x the weekend prior to leaving. None, soooo almost anything I did on this trip moto wise, was the first time I had ever done anything like that. I landed in Santiago, hoping my Brother would still be waiting for me. But with all the plane delays, and him having his own troubles with his moto- I was not sure.

After de planing- immigration was nice and easy, grab my gear( lots of it still, big red backpack, big red bag, and moto tire) BUT now for customs, I was a little worried as all my moto gear was new, new tire, new helmet, new tach cable. Depending on who I got, I could have to pay 40% Duty on everything probably close to $1000 in gear. They had me unpack everything, including my bed roll. After explaining that it was all for my personal transport, ( using my bad Spanish and google translate), + lots of big smiles and shaking everyone's hand. They must of gotten sick of me and let me on my way....... not to mention I had to of been rank.....after 30+hours.

I was pretty happy to see my brother waiting for me at a cafe outside the exit. He had been battling some sort of stomach bug. And after a short buss ride to an exterior parking lot, we grabbed an UBER and were off to Hostal Casa Matte.

After a shower, catching up, a great diner it was time to crash and get my moto the following morning.

We both loaded onto Kp's KLR and headed to the outskirts of Santiagio to get mine. It had to of been hilarious to see to big gringos on one moto, in full armored gear none the less. After about 45mins dodging through traffic we made it through the security gates to where my KLR was being stored. After a jump start, and some fuel she was running. The network of travelers is awesome, this guy was just willing to let a moto sit in his yard under a tarp for 4 month until i could pick it up. At only my fourth time ever on a moto, I was off following my brother to the nearest gas station. Well.......

She did not make it......about 1/2mile short. It was a nice place to run out of fuel though. At first I thought i screwed something up, i was ridding along and she just dies( it had been sitting for a few months) hit the starter, and no go. After looking over everything sure enough, just no fuel. Kp was able to ride down and get a few gallons so we could come back and fill it up, to get it to the station to completley fill her up.....

Dump in some gas and continue on our way, pulling up to the station I immediately accidentally kill it turning into the station. In front of the most beautiful station attendant I have ever seen...... Oh Chile, you know how to grow em. Fill it up, pull over so we can pair our helmets ( they are Bluetooth with intercoms).

Once paired away we go, into the heart of Santiago. I think for my first time riding through traffic, passing, being at a stoplight, etc it all went well! I did hear a lot of " stay closer" in my coms though. We made it all the way back to Hostal Casa Matte with out incident. Pulling up in the front of the hostal, I stopped- also droped the moto and pinning the throttle. Luckly enough everyone came outside to see what all the noise was......I hit the kill switch and crawled out from under PeliRoja, and helped me to lift her back up. Only thing lost was my pride.

We have a few days of work to get them prepped,


I had a tire to replace, and a new Spedo cable, Oil change to do. Let the fun begin,

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Looks like you covered some ground for sure. Can't wait to do the same.

Jack Thanks, Ill will keep adding the updates from the trip within the next few days. I use google maps to keep track of places I want to see, after reading blogs from
Desk To Glory ( )
Brad and Sheena- Drive Nacho Drive - ( )
And of course Runningfrommonday- there are a lot of blogs and forums out there where you can get advice and ideas. A pretty big hitter right now is a FaceBook group called Pan Am Travelers, a pretty good real time resource.