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Jordan Pawley added 15 new photos — with KP Pawley at Glaciar Perito Moreno, Argentina.
November 25, 2018 · El Calafate, Argentina ·

Today was a beautiful day, the wind slowed ( to only like 40mph) the sun came out enough on the ride back we were in summer gear only. The ladies ran wonderfully taking us to the glacier and back. The glacier is impressive, we were incredibly lucky to not only be on the water in kayaks( pics to come), but to see and hear it calving almost every 20mins. One of the guides said he has been guiding here a year and has never seen it so Active. It sounds like deep rumbling thunder in a clear blue sky, that you can feel vibrate in your bones. No lightning to be seen, just massive chunks of the ice face cracking and falling into the cold turquoise water. The biggest we saw, sent out a 6ft+ tidal wave, large enough to give one of the medium tour ships quite the rocking, followed by an icy breeze chilling our cheeks. After that, the fleece suits, inside the dry suits, skirt and life jackets and booties, we had to warm up with whisky on glacier ice. Thanks to Swedish stranger Walter for coaching me on picture techniques. The ride back to the hostal was just shy of picture perfect, blue skies, whispy clouds and a chilly breeze to cool you down, twisty park roads begging to be carved into. Followed by another of the best steak I have had in Argentina to date.

46715035_10218029301153448_5523597138321211392_o.jpg 46717225_10218029265992569_4242402956495814656_o.jpg 46738677_10218029296353328_361964815616311296_o.jpg 46782711_10218029273512757_278634749197549568_o.jpg 46796554_10218029289273151_4076896400334389248_o.jpg 46817191_10217256169733564_1184111217807982592_o.jpg 46897192_10218029281952968_231180355623714816_o.jpg
Those birds, were not only large, but they gave no shits about tearing stuff up- they kept fighting on top of cars, hoods and roofs. We could hear their talons tear into the paint and them selves. We kept making jokes that they would fly off with the moto's.

46956649_10217256170173575_2714072873240100864_o.jpg IMG_20181125_1619507.jpg IMG_20181125_1636578.jpg 46668695_10218029304833540_1545069937335205888_o.jpg

The glacier was beautiful, and indescribable. So incredible to see, and hear-feeling it move. Being in Tandem kayaks 100 yards away from the calving face- the 40 degree water, ice floating by so clear you could see through it. I managed to snag a piece and ate chunks off of it for the next few hours on the water and trail. I would recommend the kayaking trips, not cheap- but these guys are legit. And you are completely geared up, from fleece onsies, to the dry suits, skirts, vests, and booties. Its easily over 2k a person just in equipment, and at the end they just handed us a flash drive with the pictures on it.

An incredibly beautiful day, we were afraid to think maybe out weather was turning around. Would our " Fu^&*ng Motorcycles" and " embrace the suck" Patagonia Rides leave us in piece to experience her beauty unmolested?
Jordan Pawley added 9 new photos — eating breakfast at Creperia Cafe & Te.
November 27, 2018 · Puerto Natales, Chile ·

Camped last night after my last border crossing from Argentina into Chile. Beautiful riding days!

43872956_10218043902278467_1389797695534661632_n.jpg 46524186_10218043925519048_5168421871430926336_o.jpg 46668695_10218029304833540_1545069937335205888_o.jpg 46720515_10218043871437696_5709752857859719168_o.jpg 46767534_10218043924399020_5523597761091469312_o.jpg 46791004_10218043932199215_6234490723471720448_o.jpg 46820706_10218043937759354_7645553738391748608_o.jpg 46845186_10218043921718953_2007245518312308736_o.jpg 46944569_10218043874917783_7102911554282061824_o.jpg 46969450_10218043876237816_3863917343017009152_o.jpg

We camped that night, With Puerto Natalia the next destination. We found a nice beautiful place to camp, and some trees to hang up in. Twas a bit of a cow swamp, but being ranch kids- did not bother us a bit. I*n fact we probably slept better that night, with the familiar fragrance in your minds.

The Craperia tagged at the beginning of this post is Aces. Worth a stop.

Its hard to see, but in one of those pictures the large white bird, has the baby's on her back.

A friendly skunk, at the border crossing. This one took a long time, as we were stuck behind quite a few others and a tour bus. The moto's drawing lots of attention, and questions form other travelers on the tour buses.
I liked Puerto Natalia as well,
Just down from the great coffee shop, was an AMAZING little museum- I think a must see, good price, I think 400/pesos a person. And Bi Lingual signs, we were here for close to three hours.

We stayed at Wild Hostal, good. With a killer breakfast, and on site bar. The Best breakfast from all the Hostels we stayed at.

We met with some friends who we had got to know quite well weeks ago in Pucon, At a Brewery Owned by a guy from Oregon. It was awesome to See Ronny and Sean again. It was not a super late night as we had ground to cover the next day, and planes waiting.
I will post the link,!8m2!3d-51.7281739!4d-72.5085657

IMG_20181127_1513416.jpg IMG_20181127_1514160.jpg IMG_20181127_1538284.jpg IMG_20181127_1543334.jpg IMG_20181127_1543519.jpg IMG_20181127_1545242.jpg IMG_20181127_1600040.jpg IMG_20181127_1604504.jpg

We also tried to Visit the Southern Most Distillery in the world, but sadly it was closed after a brisk and chilly walkabout to its location.
KP Pawley is with Jordan Pawley at Patagonia.
November 28, 2018 at 12:21 AM

I had finally decided to listen to music inside my helmet with the Bluetooth, BEST DECISION EVER!!! Seriously though, changed the entire ride in surprising ways. And WE HAD BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!!!! By this i of course still mean, lots of wind at about 50kmh. And our final destination of the least for me Punta Arenas, a town i was excited to see.

Break, haha Thank you Kp for this picture of me


Jordan Pawley was with KP Pawley at Shackleton Bar.
November 28, 2018 · Punta Arenas, Chile ·

Shackleton Bar
Pub · Punta Arenas, Chile
KP Pawley has been here

This place was good, we were under dressed, and stuck out. But loved the atmosphere, and good cocktails. Prices as you would expect. My brother later became a regular in the weeks after i I left.

We had to find a place to stay, book some penguin tours, and meet up with Friends from Thanksgiving, the Couple that rented Runningfrommondays truck and camper.
Jordan Pawley added 10 new photos — with KP Pawley.
November 29, 2018 ·

Some random, from yesterday's ride and today's wander downtown.

@- Punta Arenas, Chile

The bar, of Kp's bikes namesake was in Puerto Natalis

46779855_10218060674257756_6534296964199088128_o.jpg 46918452_10218060673497737_7712863572501463040_o.jpg 46956682_10218060661137428_6995717799163199488_o.jpg 47043760_10218060666497562_8043624810762207232_o.jpg 47189899_10218060667057576_1248779982038106112_o.jpg 47205311_10218060671737693_369178092930859008_o.jpg 47208578_10218060669617640_6178622338641166336_o.jpg 47247247_10218060668057601_1378352239051014144_o.jpg 47276342_10218060660217405_1826148067657646080_o.jpg

For those who dont know many an Arctic Expedition left from here. Still being the only " free trade zone" in Chile and South America. And actively still the jumping off point to Antarctica. I have been working on getting some Contracts at McMurdo Station, so this place was special to me.

And it was nice, the town square had wifi, people were great. We explored the town, and worked on logistics trying to get the bikes sold, and showed.

Wandering past the massive ship yards, as we turned toward town whilst riding in, the bone chilling ice wind from the Arctic hitting us, smelling the salt water and ice. We knew we were close, I knew my journey was about to end.
KP Pawley is with Jordan Pawley at Patagonia.
November 28, 2018 at 8:27 PM ·


God Bless Street dogs, I will miss them


Jordan Pawley added 5 new photos — with KP Pawley at Patagonia Chile.
November 29, 2018 · Punta Arenas, Chile ·

We had arranged with the Hostal, and the Tour Company that we would just follow them to the boats, however when we woke up us and the bikes were locked inside the hostal, and had to scale the security fence. My tiny brother had no issue, my larger and still with a badly sprained ankle managed to make it with only one hole in my pants.

46946560_10218058511163680_2834124063931105280_o.jpg 47109548_10218058507523589_5964442451417497600_o.jpg 47210090_10218058532724219_8909571985223188480_o.jpg 47226273_10218058559964900_3513239748699226112_o.jpg 47294698_10218058548084603_2570980149373698048_o.jpg fully geared up in our layers and Moto gear we started walking to the tour company headquarters, (only a few blocks away) As the sky started to darken and spitting rain.
Jordan Pawley added 29 photos and a video — with KP Pawley in Punta Arenas, Chile.
November 29, 2018 ·
Today is my last full day prior to returning stateside. The last few days we have had beautiful weather. This morning, the Patagonia we now know well returned, the skies darkening, clouds covering. Our old friend rain joining us. Almost as if to mimic our moods. We did, however get to see some penguins!! They are adorably curious little critters, not afraid to get close to us for an inspection. We had a 40 minute buss ride, and 45mins of boat to get to the island. Some of us took this time to increase our limited siesta time.

46945582_10218058565645042_129767428916772864_o.jpg 46954017_10218058484323009_2776201026875686912_o.jpg 46964715_10218058581885448_8402510061812842496_o.jpg 47018829_10218058590005651_8765591672005328896_o.jpg 47022042_10218058573205231_2805680758977462272_o.jpg 47102718_10218058471842697_8538372672092897280_o.jpg 47164211_10218058467522589_6576586904412618752_o.jpg 47199953_10218058463482488_5932574300887318528_o.jpg 46981246_10218058594365760_2530830193795268608_o.jpg

More to come, but guys- We rode Motorcycles to Penguins!
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traveling to Santiagofrom Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport.

November 30, 2018 · Punta Arenas, Chile ·

Reflecting on the last month's journey of discovery. In about 40 hours I will be home.


After the Penguins, it was a lot of running around, packing, offloading the bikes, etc until the Uber in the morning,

Jordan Pawley is
traveling to Houston Intercontinental Airportfrom Aeropuerto Internacional Santiago.

November 30, 2018 · Santiago, Chile ·
Long layover, waiting on a red eye flight: with gear they won't let me check yet.


12 hour layover in Santiago,

Some conversation from my post ;

  • Active Now
    Kp- Yay for the romance of traveling!

  • ME: That's why I found a corner, and took a nap!
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    • Cousin: Good job dealing with it like an adult!

    • ME: I am pretty at home in airports haha.
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    • ME: And " nap" is almost always the answer. :p.
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    • Cousin: 30 has been amazing for me, my new super power is being able to nap anywhere. Cousin two : is pretty impressed by it. Lol

    • ME: Oh good, I have more naps to look forward too!!! It's a bit like a homeless camp, in the deserted wing. Everyone next to carts full of their stuff lol
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KP Pawley is with Jordan Pawley at Patagonia Chile.
December 1, 2018 · Punta Arenas, Chile ·
And with the slam of an Uber's door, I'm alone once more.
It was an outstanding adventure brother.
I love you and hope you'll join me again on the road.

Jordan Pawley was
traveling to Denver International Airportfrom Houston International Airport- International Flights!

December 1, 2018 · Houston, TX ·
Hoping to not miss my connection, 1.5 hour delay on the tarmac in Santiago.
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traveling to Pasco from Denver International Airport.

December 1, 2018 · Denver, CO ·

Finial leg! I have had my helmet next to me everyday and night of the last month, it was going to feel a little weird with out it keeping me company. I was unable to pack as well this time, so it has been my carry on.


Also had a great breakfast! as I was waiting, Thanks Denver.

Jordan Pawley is at Tri-Cities Airport - PSC.
December 1, 2018 · Pasco, WA ·
Landed, and one of my bags is MIA....
Jordan Pawley is at Tri-Cities Airport - PSC.
December 1, 2018 · Pasco, WA ·
Landed, and one of my bags is MIA....

Jordan Pawley
December 1, 2018 ·
Stop the clock, after 34hours 32 minutes and 59 seconds: I am home.

Jordan Pawley added a new photo.
December 2, 2018 ·

Reunited and it feels so good... they found my bag and had it couried to me!


This Osprey pack made it all the way through Patagonia strapped to the back of a moto, but was lost in an airport. That being said they had it couriered to me in under 36 hours.

Also, followed up with my PC- turns out i also tore the ligaments in that ankle, im still wearing a brace part time.


I hope my writing and pictures, although not doing it justice helped to inspire you to get out and explore.

Happy Trails & Safe Travels
Another two miles today: checked out the beginning of the Lewis and Clarke equine trail. Never know what you'll find out in the desert. Yesterday, worked a habitat for Humanity build for Team Rubicon, hung sheetrock on feelings all day.

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