Yetti's 2009 V strom 650

Pacific Northwest yetti

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Well after a trip though Patagonia on a KLR 650 in November, Turned out I was hooked on moto's.
Picked up this 2009 V strom 650, with 30k miles, she has been meticulously well taken care of, after picking it up last Thursday I have been riding every day since,


It is well outfitted, I dont plan on changing much, ill add barkbuster hand-guards. Maybe some taller front crash guards, and aux lighting. Although the stock lights are pretty great.

Pacific Northwest yetti

Expedition Medic
I have been exceptionally happy with it, and find myself finding any excuse to ride. I bought it from a relative, who ad not ridden it much in the last few years. ( <1k miles) This weeks weather has been putting a damper on it, although i may go home at lunch and pick it up. The scary part about used, is it *can be hard to tell how well taken care of something was. I got it at a screaming deal $2500, I actually tried to bargain for a higher price as i felt kinda guilty. But he would not have it. I have not? must be a V strom forum of sorts?


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I miss mine.

The factory suspension is pretty meh though- if you want to make a big improvement, get it sprung for your riding weight (including your average load). Add some Race Tech springs, recommended weight oil and cartridge emulators in the forks along with a brace and a better spring in the rear and it'll surprise you. Race Tech's customer service was very good when I talked to them years ago, I assume they still are. If you don't know how to set up the bike's suspension yourself, it is definitely worth it to go to someone who does and have them tune it for your riding style, weight and load.