Yetti's 2009 V strom 650

Pacific Northwest yetti

Expedition Medic
Preformed great, a purchased a throttle lock/ cruise set up. I will add pics and links later, it's just a clamp that holds the throttle against the front break lever, and still allows the throttle to be rolled forward when needed.

Simple little thing really.

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Pacific Northwest yetti

Expedition Medic
Well, mum hit the bike w/ the mower. Hard enough to knock it over opposite the kick stand. Looks like I will be replacing the hand guards quicker than I thought.

Hole in the cover, and a small dent and rash on the right pannier.

Nothing not fixable.

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Cascade Wanderer


Got mine brand new in 2010. Some years I put quite a few miles on it, then an injury kept me from riding much for a few years. I am so glad that I've kept it for nine years now. Very painless to own, and very rewarding. Fuel economy is good, comfort is good, it's just a good all around bike. Fast enough for me! :)

Photo was taken in the Hart Mtn Antelope Refuge a few years ago. The little Suzuki and I have had some great adventures. I hope yours continue!

Regards, Guy


nomadic man
I had an 04, first year of the wee. Al Jesse used my bike to make the pattern for his bags so I got a full set for free.
i put 86,000 miles on it in three years. It was one of the most dependable bikes I've ever owned. Took major abuse and
neglect along the way.
Great bikes, mine was $5400 out the door, now they fetch quite a bit more.