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If i had not already had a few extra NPA's lying around, i would not of bought one just for the kit.

I have only been in medicine and emergency services since 2006, and have only used NPA's maybe a dozen times. All with motorcycle or rodeo trauma.

i wont say least used- as our medic units still carry MASS pants, haha i dont think they are even taught in new curriculum. All of EMS/ medicine seems to be this pendulum of theory's and practices that go back and forth.

Maxpedition makes a solid product, I have a few of their bags and all have been abused and holding up well.


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Maxpedition "makes/made" some really good stuff. They were one of the original and unique Gearbag companies that started up in the nineties. Their original US made stuff was bulletproof and I still have and use a few pieces. I still use their red manbag as my blowout kit in our Tiger. Always liked their use of mesh in the pockets to see what's in them. While I've moved away from all the molle stuff I still appreciate what they did to modernize textile gear.

IMO and based on your training and experience, your kit is the perfect size and configuration for a mototrip. It can handle most traumatic injuries that could occur on a Moto and yet, based on your training and experience you would certainly be able to improvise above and beyond what you have. Well done!


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I have an early Versapack that's still better than all of the copies I've seen. I don't know if Maxpedition was the first to create that type of bag, but they certainly make a better product than many others.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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Thanks, some thought and experience went into it. It went well with that month long journey.

I am not sure if i have any of their newer stuff; but the stuff i have that now you mention it is probably older than I had thought. Geesh time flies. I am cognizant of where i travel with it, as it has a specific look. Not always a good thing, i made sure when I was in Columbia i just had my Osprey pack.

I have the monsoon gearslinger, that has been on fire lines, and daily duty when schooling.

and I have two of their duffel bags that have been strapped to horses, and Cessna's
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