Your preferred Roof Rack straps, tie down options?


I generally use rope. I keep a few lengths (along with a selection of ratchet straps) in my tie down bag. I can rig rope to hold anything, and if needed I supplement with the straps. With rope you need to know your knots and when to use them, for straps and rope you also need to know their weight limitations.

Fallon 40

I ordered some rollercam straps and received two that are not correct. Tried several emails with no response. Anybody have a phone number, I cannot find one. I thought theirs were made in the USA but it clearly says "made in China " on the labels...


So I picked up a set of the new Expedition Roller Cam straps about a month ago... all I can say is wow.

This is the strap I have been waiting for. I will do a full write up soon as I can get some good pics. I have been using them for a month straight in a variety of applications. They're everything I'd hoped they'd be. Bravo Roller Cam
Hey @Rezarf <><; just wondering how you like the Roller Cam straps after a year of use?