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when the daughter was still at home we tented w/ air mattresses in warmer weather(April - November)

common air mattresses can get cold as the temps drop

i now use an insulated(filled) air mattress in colder temps w/ a CCF pad under it when sleeping in the tepee



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REI basecamp 4 and rei self inflating pads, down sleeping bags. It’s worked well in good weather and bad. We all love sleeping in a tent. We can pitch it and pack it quickly enough. Great tent, now about 9 years old


We were in a big Tepui, but both girls complained about up and down in the middle of the night to pee, so we're back on the ground -- with cots when I've got the space, because I'm getting old. New tent is a Gazelle, easy to set up and break down with tons of space.


Truck camper and then a 5th wheel with bunk beds. Other than the living room, my kids never slept in a tent.


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All four of us sleep up in the RTT, my little ones are 7 and 2. We find there is plenty of room in the Overlander XL model.


My kids and wife love the RTT. They love sleeping in it so much that I usually get kicked out of the tent and have to sleep outside. Being up high gives them a sense of security that they're not afraid to stay there on their own.


Ground tent (REI Kingdom 8); baby goes in a pack in play and the older one has a child/toddler size cot. Me and the MRS on a queen size mattress. Dog sleeps between us and the kiddos. Hoping to transition the baby into a cot this year.


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We have a 10 year old and a 4 year old and the 4 of us sleep in a Tepui Autana. The kids love it. We keep the sleeping bags folded up in the tent and can park, have the tent set up and the kids in there in less than 10 minutes. It's great when we get to camp late.


Appreciate the feedback. I've slept in tents my whole life and have no issues with them but think the kids and wife would enjoy the RTT more. I was also looking at the Gazelle tent as it's super fast to setup so glad that was mentioned here.


We’ve loved our iKamper Skycamp for the 4 of us. We’ve had it for over a year now and have a good 30+ nights in it. Kids are 6 and 2 now and the tent is plenty big for the kids to stand and romp around up there and we have enough space to sleep comfortably. I love it too cuz it sets up and closes easier than any tent out there. Sometimes some ground shelter is needed so we pop open the annex and the kids play in there, especially if it’s cold, raining or super windy. 996DB8E5-4780-4467-ACA9-5EDC8656C4A1.jpegD1CAE5EE-C219-4BE1-9140-CBDC033CDA3C.jpegF895E0A0-96C8-4DC8-8C2D-9324F994F9F4.jpeg


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At 72 years of age we have gone thru every outdoor/rv stage. We are from the Seattle area. We started with a tent. got tired of being wet. One small child = 13ft trailer. 2 children + friends = larger trailer which morfed into a truck/camper. Kids gone = small 5th wheel. Retirement = motorhome/tow car. Too expensive = back to tent. Getting old = this new travel/camping idea:



I made this trailer. It is light. Can be towed by almost anything anywhere. Tent is completely waterproof, has a queen size bed sleeping area and can stow many things under the bed platform. But, the best thing is that it has room for a PORTAPOTTIE inside the tent on the tail gate to satisfy the wife's 2am requirements.:)

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