Zomblance build up

Well I have been looking on here for a while, since I have decided to build my ambulance into a camper.
Ok so here is the low down. It was my service truck for three years before I retired it. It sat till last May. That is when I decided to turn it into a 4x4 camper. After watching rock my rv on tv the plan is to have it done next month so I can road test it before I jump in it and drive it 3200 miles across the USA in July on a road trip!
Here is what we started from.

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I was too much if a wimp to start with a service truck ambo- good on you!

That battery bank looks a bit funky the way all the power goes to one terminal. What gauge wire is that? Looks like 6. I do like the use of space though.

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I will try and catch you guys up as fast as I can. I have done a lot since I started.

I decided to start my build with the inside. I went for a total gut for two reasons, one being the whole re-purposed interior is not my thing. Others have done great jobs but it is just not for me. Secondly, I want to be able to camp in this for long periods of time with out the use of a generator or water hook up. So, the factory insulation would not do... out it came. I have to say they build these things like a tank! Everything was made of 3/4 cabinet grade ply wood and heavy as hell

The million dollar question what to do with all of these wires

Spaghetti any one?
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now that the interior was gone I could see what I had to work with. The first thing on the list was to raise the roof I hated having to duck my head when I was inside I had originally planed on doing it when I bought it to use as a service truck but time is money so I left it alone. So I striped the foil bubble wrap and got rid of the red lights all the way around to fill in the holes and start the new wiring before i cut the roof off

Next on the todo list was repairing the floor when I first bought it it had vinyl floors and I put 16th sheet steel down over the 3/4 plywood floor. when I removed the old vinyl i found a bunch of rotten wood so i had to replace the back half due to a roof leak so now was the time to fix it right
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Hahaha! I've been there with the full gut and wires bonanza, fun isn't it! Are your wires marked? Mine were so I saved a lot of them to re-use as needed but just like you I tried to simplify as much as I could.

That thing looks huge, shouldn't be too hard to configure an efficient setup... Good luck!

Mr. D

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yes they where thank god they where it saved a lot of time the ones that where not labeled i put number tags on i planned on moving all of that wiring to a bin on the outside thanks again for that espar heater you will see it again soon enough
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While I had the floor up I figured I would use one of 3 winches I had laying around and mount it in the rear

I mounted winch plate to the angle iron using 1/2 bolts. 6 bolts per side where use to bolt the angle to the winch plate. The angle is bolted to the frame,body mounts using 5 ,1/2 bolts. The plane is using this as a crossmember as i am removing the gas tank and crossmember to install a much larger fuel tank. I am hoping for 100 gal but we will see. While installing the new wood for the floor I laid down some sound deadener to help with the noise in the back as it was very loud back there. Back when I first bought this thing I had to do it to the cab because you had to yell to the passenger to carry on a conversation. So after installing that layer I put down the foil bubble wrap then the plywood. Looking back I now I wish I would have used marine grade ply wood but its ok (I hope)

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What will be the finished interior height with the raised roof? Looks great and happy to see someone has done this already. It would be a necessity for me.


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You look really familiar. Were you ever in the Marines?

Edit: just saw your shorts and the name tape, Ballard. Now I remember you.
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