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Cool name. Are you a geologist by chance?
Ha! You're the first person ever to inquire about 'Pluton' after using this screen name on many forums for about 15 or 20 years.
Answer: No, but I've read McPhee's 'Annals Of The Former World' several times. I was charmed by some of the geological terms, like batholith, fanglomerate, and angular unconformity.
Thanks for the awesome review. You helped me decide to live with the 2.7l 4-banger.

Have you done your intermittent wiper mod or added cruise control yet? I did those to my Tacoma last week. You can get the parts you need on eBay so both of these mods cost you less than $50, total!
How did the Tufport work offroad wheeling and in high cross wind situations? Would you got with a hard top again or go the pop top camper route? Cheers