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Who will finish the interior of this vehicle for $15,000?
Not if you need to hire anyone to do so. As a do it yourself project it’s totally possible. I have done several. Just have to be smart about the components .
Hello, I am organizing a group buy for ih8mud for portable fridge and freezers, could I get permission to share it here? It is a coupon for 25% off all IceCo products. I just want to share the post from mud with all the details. Thank you for your time. I am DangCat on ih8mud.
A quick note to say hello and goodbye. I have not logged in or posted anything since your contributions were censored in early May. I feel the portal is much less relevant than 15 years ago when I logged in at Christophe Noel's urging as he wound down his site which I frequented often. Stay safe as the Pandemic wreaks havoc on us and keep doing what you do. Those that disapprove can go f*ck themselves.
I’m looking to convert my M1101 wheels/hubs to match my JKU 5x5 hubs. I’m having problems sourcing it. Hoping I can get some help from you as your thread is super helpful otherwise.