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Rest of the message; there is a character limit. If in grizzly country, windy or cold weather, can one have the top down and sit upright on a bench cushion (tallest one of us is 5'6") and also sleep on both the 30 x 72" and 30 x 60" beds in a pinch with the top down? Is it "instant" hot water for the shower? Thanks-Jack
Hi Aaron...This is a very nice looking camper and I've been interested in it since I first saw it in Denver several months ago (I live on the outskirts of Denver). A couple of questions please. The 2023 can now sleep up to 4 with a 30 x 60" bed...did you find a way to extend the cushioned area near the door to make it 60" long to accommodate the 4th person?
You're more than welcome to email us at admin@arktocampers.com and ask as many questions as you like. No character limits. haha.
Thanks Aaron. The 2023b very possibly sounds exactly like what we have been looking for the past couple of years...patience. Do you mind doing a quick video "walk through"? Happy to call you if not too much trouble. Jack
Happy to get on a call with you. However, it will be 2 weeks before the first round of 2023b will be something to show off. Either way, happy to chat twice if needed.
Morning Dendy, TripLeader suggested I contact you. I am a member and have my 2020 Ram 2500 with 2021 FWC Raven that I would like to fide an overlander who may be interested in it. I need help posting in classifieds, it says I don't have privilege's. I tore my rotor cuff and looking at surgery darn it. I built this for an Alaska trip but not going to happen now. Thank you Jess
Dendy Jarrett
Dendy Jarrett
Jesseg - I've approved all new members so you should be good to go. Do know that we require some level of participation before you can post for sale (although I'm not specific on that criteria) to avoid people simply signing up to sell items versus being an active member of the community. Good luck with your surgery. I have a 2019 RAM Powerwagon and LOVE THAT TRUCK!