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Newbie to the forum, I have a 01 MS LS 3.0 4x4 some of the mods include:
Cold air intake and filter(s), polished throttle body, magnaflow exhaust (cat removed), 4" rear/3"front lift with coil overs and rear coils out of a Ford van, torsion bars are pretty tweaked, 32.5" rubber all around, 3000/6000w inverter w/2 DS Batts mounted in the rear, aftermarket lights front and rear, small winch up fnt and hitch in rear.
Plans for lockers soon and some more mods for 315's.
Currently awaiting another maf custom and searching for headers and intake manifold if anyone knows of any...
Love your LR3. I am looking to purchase one in the next few months. What has been your experience with the electronics/computers or any issues while off road with the air suspension?
Interested in the LC. How's the drivetran? I have test drive vehicles with this milage and the diffs are starting to wine.
If you have other photos of the interior. Pass them along: williamschram@gmail.com / 650-740-9789.
- William
Another interested party. In Tasmania. Travelling to the US and Canada next month. In what state are you living? 'TrailTop' is the missing link in the work I've been doing with CNC cut plywood (micro dwellings) with the University of Tasmania Castle project.. Very clever. Can you give me your email address?
Harry Tams