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It has always been my dream to buy an older vehicle and drive across the country with it. Now that that dream is a reality, my fiance and I are wanting to travel in Loretta more! But she needs a little love before I feel safe driving her cross country again.
Hi Tom, I saw your ad on KSL for a pop up camper. I am am actually looking to move from a travel trailer to a pop up camper. Can I ask how much your camper weighs? No chance it will fit on a midsize truck is there?

I have a 13 ft scamp that I am looking to sell. Any chance you might be interested in a trade?
Hello. My camper weighs approximately 1100 lbs dry. I was told by the dealership that it was originally fit on a Toyota Tacoma. Since the second owner put on 4x4 planks to raise it to fit a Tundra. What kind of truck are you looking at fitting it on?
I may be interested in your Forester. Still for sale? Also, I have a mint 2018 4x4 Sprinter with 12,000 miles that I will be listing for sale in the next couple weeks.
Hey, just saw your message. Still selling! If you're interested, let me know. Feel free to reply here or PM me. I recently put on some new tires and wheels (Pirelli AT+, Method 502) which I ordered long before the pandemic, finally came a few days ago.
Hey Pateuni, hope this finds you doing well. I'm in the process of having Bundutec build a hardside camper for me. I came across your build and I was wondering if you've had to make any modifications to accommodate for colder climates. Also wondering if you've ran into any issues with the camper overall, and if you wish you would've done anything different. Thanks!
Hi From vancouver BC!

I saw in a thread that you're importing some Bush 270XT awnings? I'm trying to connect with the Canadian contact but haven't had any luck so far so starting at looking at my other options as I'd need 2 or 3 passenger's side awning.

Where are you located in Austin? I am in Austin and would like to arrange to see the trailer.
Good morning,
Wife and I are taking road trip to Acadia National Park in a couple of weeks, does anyone know of some backroad light driving trails just to get off beaten path. Thanks
Hello, Zackmold. My name is Bruce. I'm in San Diego. I'm wondering what kind of response you got to selling the Cricket trailer. I have one I want to sell.
Good Morning from hot as blazes Southeast Texas... Was killing time on the portal today and came across a picture of your rear storage system in your nissan frontier king cab. I have the same truck and would love to build something similar. Do you still have the plans and would you be open to sharing them? Thanks and have a great day!
I do have the plans still and am happy to share them! Send me a pm and we can talk some more about it.
Hey there...... figured I'd PM you for this part. I have all the truck bed parts, are you willing to split the set-up and sell just the topper? I have cash.

13k for just the topper- You would need to arrange and pay for install ( unless you plan to do it yourself) text me 928-800-9538
that sounds like a killer deal. where are you located in AZ? i would do the instal myself............ done it a bunch of times with other trucks.
Flash sale. Price drop to $11,000

Let me know if you’re interested.